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Antisemitism at Unprecedented Levels; Jewish Couple Targeted in Bloody Attack in Beverly Hills

Antisemitic incidents on rise across the U.S

An elderly Jewish couple who were attacked in Beverly Hills has bravely spoken out about what happened.

Elderly Jewish couple attacked

Elderly Jewish couple attacked near L.A. synagogue speak out

Stop Anti-Semitic Attitudes: Elderly Jewish Couple Who Were Attacked in Beverly Hills said.

The terrifying event that Raphael, 75, and Rebecca Nissel, 70, went through while on their way to a synagogue was talked about in an exclusive interview with “FOX & Friends First.” They were shocked by the unusual wave of antisemitism and said they had never seen such hate before. Rebecca said that the hatred got worse a few years ago and got even worse during the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which is why she put her jewelry in safes.

The suspect, who is now being held by police, viciously hit Raphael with a belt buckle and yelled insults at Rebecca before running away. Raphael got hurt, and his shirt was covered in blood. He was wearing a yarmulke at the time. Even though they were going through a lot, the couple pushed for stronger measures to be taken to stop anti-Semitic attitudes in schools and communities. They pushed for a bigger focus on education to get to the bottom of racism and hate.

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With antisemitism on the rise, the couple’s story shed light on the scary situation Jewish Americans are in, as shown by the Anti-Defamation League’s report that antisemitic events have increased by 388% since the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. It’s scary that some Jewish people have turned to guns for defense, and there have been a lot more gun safety tests, especially for first-time buyers in the community.

Raphael said he would not stop wearing his yarmulke, a bold act of resistance against evil, which showed how determined the couple was. Rebecca, on the other hand, was deeply shocked by the attack in their beloved Beverly Hills area and said she thought it was because of racial tensions.

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