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Tijuana Cartel Launches Deadly Retaliation Against Corrupt Officers for Stolen Drug Shipment

Photo from Google

Cartel territorial wars have increased violence in Tijuana, a city with high homicide rates.

Photo from Google

Tijuana Drug Lords Execute Corrupt Cops in Wake of Stolen Narcotics

Enraged drug lords in Tijuana, Mexico, are executing corrupt police officers suspected of stealing a large narcotics shipment. Video shows local and state police officers arranging to steal cocaine from a warehouse and loading it into their pickup vehicle.

Prosecutors said at least two suspected cops involved in the crime were slain in retribution. The cartel that owned the drugs may be retaliating by killing at least three more officers.

The Sinaloa cartel, led by famed drug lord Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, is suspected of stealing the drugs. A targeted attack on the federal prosecutors’ office shortly after the heist showed the cartel quickly identified the offenders.

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Cartel Wars Escalate, Forcing Mayor into Hiding as Violence Engulfs the City

Cartel territorial wars have increased violence in Tijuana, a city with high homicide rates. The Jalisco New Generation, Sinaloa cartels, and other factions have been fighting since 2017, causing the current violence.

Even public figures like Mayor Montserrat Caballero have been threatened in Tijuana, forcing him to live on an army post for safety. The U.S. Consulate advised employees to “shelter in place” due to rising violence, affecting the city. Tijuana citizens and visitors are caught in the crossfire as cartel members use military-style weaponry and cause street pandemonium.

The city struggles to handle this unprecedented level of violence, raising fears about civilian safety and officials’ ability to stop cartel combat.

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