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Alarming Wake-Up: Suspected Child Molester Might Dodge Serious Charges with Juvenile Wrinkle, says LA’s DA Gascon!

Woke LA DA George Gascon knew trans pedo Hannah Tubbs was bragging about lenient sentence | MEAWW Woke LA DA George Gascon knew trans pedo Hannah Tubbs (Photo: Google)

Rudy Paz, 25, of Los Angeles is suspected of assaulting youngsters, although prosecutors have no proof of abuse beyond 18. He may get juvenile punishment despite being an adult. Hannah Tubbs, a 26-year-old child molester and murderer, received a favorable sentence from LA County DA George Gascon that did not require sex offender registration. The instances raise questions about Gascon’s handling of major crimes.

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Attorney George Gascon (Photo: Google)

The attorney raises questions about the delay and unclear parameters.

Attorney Kathleen Cady represents two families in a case where victims were groomed by Paz, leading to recent disclosure and Paz’s arrest as an adult. Cady is frustrated that the case hasn’t moved to adult criminal court in Los Angeles County, citing unclear decision-making processes. She criticizes District Attorney Gascon’s policy reversal, using a secretive panel for juvenile cases, and points to the lack of transparency, especially highlighted by the Hannah Tubbs case. Tubbs, charged as a juvenile despite a murder just before turning 18, identifies as female. Cady expresses concern over Gascon’s role in releasing another murderer, Andrew Cachu. She notes that typically only murder and child molestation cases go to adult court. In the Paz case, a provisional transfer motion has been filed, and Paz is held without bail, with a court date on December 18.


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