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Tragic End to Dallas Shooting Suspect’s Pursuit

(Photo: Fall River Reporter)

(Photo: Fall River Reporter)

Unfortunately, the search for the person responsible for the killing that killed four people, including a 1-year-old baby, in a Dallas home has come to an abrupt end. Police chased the suspect, named as 21-year-old Byron Carillo, at high speeds on the freeway. He crashed into a ditch and seemed to kill himself, which was a suicide.

The four murders that happened on a quiet Sunday afternoon in southeast Dallas shocked everyone in the area. The Dallas Police Department has told the public that the event seems to be limited and that there is no threat to the community at this time.

According to the investigations, Carillo was the ex-boyfriend of Vanessa De La Cruz, who was 20 years old and one of the victims. He was also the father of Logan De La Cruz, who was 1 year old and sadly died in the attack. Family members said that Vanessa ended the relationship because she thought she was being abused.

Carillo had been charged with aggravated attack in 2021 and was told to wear a gadget that would track his ankles. Surprisingly, he was able to turn off the device either right before or right after the violent act on Sunday. Later, the suspect was caught in Austin, Texas, driving a stolen car, more than 200 miles from the crime scene.

Carillo crashed into a ditch at the end of a police chase on Interstate 35. Carillo killed himself when police officers closed in on him as he tried to escape on foot. A list from the Gun Violence Archive says this was the 627th mass killing of the year. Logan De La Cruz is the 272nd child age 11 or younger to be killed in a shooting this year. His death is yet another sad example of how gun violence takes innocent lives.


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