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Hospital Shooting Tragedy Claims Two Lives at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord

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Tragedy Strikes New Hampshire Hospital: Two Dead in Latest U.S. Hospital Shooting Incident

In the latest U.S. hospital shooting at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord, two people, including the alleged gunman, were fatally shot, prompting Governor Chris Sununu to assure the public of the cleared hospital campus and no ongoing threat. (Photo: bostonglobe)

State Responds to New Hampshire Hospital Tragedy: Governor Confirms Campus Cleared after Fatal Shooting

According to source, in the latest hospital shooting incident in the U.S., two people, including the alleged gunman were reported dead in a shooting at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord. The hospital shooting tragedy unfolded on Friday afternoon when state police responded to reports of “multiple victims” at the psychiatric facility the only state-run hospital of its kind in New Hampshire with approximately 185 beds. The suspected gunman was shot and killed by New Hampshire State Police in the hospital lobby after he allegedly killed one person at the hospital.

Following the hospital shooting incident Governor Chris Sununu assured the public that the hospital campus was cleared, and there was no longer a threat to public safety. The psychiatric hospital situated in the capital city of Concord near various state agencies a district courthouse and Concord High School was the scene of the hospital shooting.

The large hospital shooting campus spans over a hundred acres of land. While expressing her condolences Democratic U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster called the hospital shooting “horrifying” and urged the public to avoid the hospital area during the ongoing police investigation.

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Political and Law Enforcement Responses to Hospital Shooting: Concerns Over Rising Violence in U.S. Medical Centers

The tragic hospital shooting event prompted statements of support from various members of the state’s congressional delegation with Governor Sununu commending the quick response of State Police Officers and promising to provide details as the hospital shooting situation unfolded.

The hospital shooting adds to a concerning trend of violence at U.S. hospitals highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by medical centers nationwide in adapting to growing threats contributing to the elevated risks faced by healthcare professionals in one of the nation’s most violent fields. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene in the aftermath of the hospital shooting.

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