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Surge of Romanian Organized Crime in San Jose Two Suspects Apprehended in 25 Crimes


San Jose Police Apprehend Suspects in Surge of Romanian Organized Crime Activity

San Jose grapples with a surge in Romanian organized crime, with police arresting two suspects connected to 25 crimes ranging from carjackings to scams on Facebook Marketplace. (Photo:

Challenges in Combatting Romanian Organized Crime: Insights from Former Police Trooper

According to source, the city of San Jose is witnessing a surge in Romanian organized crime activity, as indicated by local law enforcement. Responding to this concerning trend, the San Jose police have apprehended two suspects associated with approximately 25 distinct crimes linked to Romanian organized crime, which include armed carjackings, armed robberies, jewelry heists and scams involving the Facebook Marketplace.

These criminal incidents unfolded between July and October. San Jose police have released photographs of evidence they believe are connected to these criminal activities related to Romanian organized crime. Bob Delaney a former New Jersey State Police trooper who gained experience infiltrating Italian mob families in the 1970s, provided insights into the challenges posed by Romanian organized crime.

He emphasized that Romanian organized crime typically operates within a structured system, making it a formidable challenge for law enforcement to completely dismantle these Romanian organized crime groups. Delaney acknowledged that while these Romanian organized crime groups might not appear as sophisticated as they portray.

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Targeting Vulnerable Communities: Romanian Organized Crime Tactics

Reports suggest that the suspects in these cases have been particularly targeting elderly individuals from the Asian and Indian communities as part of the larger Romanian organized crime operations. They employ various tactics that include posing as helpful strangers seeking directions or masquerading as contractors like roofers and plumbers.

These tactics serve to engage their victims in conversation while stealing jewelry and replacing it with imitation pieces. San Jose police are urging anyone with information related to Romanian organized crime to promptly contact the department’s Robbery Unit. This highlights the importance of dismantling layers of criminal organizations associated with Romanian organized crime to weaken their influence within the community.

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