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California Dive Boat Captain Faces Trial Over Tragic Fire and Passenger Safety

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Captain Jerry Boylan Faces Federal Trial Over Allegations of Serious Misconduct on the California Dive Boat Conception

Boylan faces charges for neglecting his ship officer duties, notably the absence of a required night watch and being the first to abandon ship during the fire, leaving passengers trapped on board the California dive boat. (Photo: spectrumnews1)

Federal Trial of Captain Jerry Boylan Begins, Accused of Serious Neglect Aboard Ill-Fated Dive Boat Conception

According to source, the federal trial of Captain Jerry Boylan responsible for the commercial dive boat Conception that caught fire off the Southern California coast, resulting in the loss of 33 passengers and one crew member began with allegations of serious misconduct.

Boylan is charged with neglecting his duties as a ship officer on the California dive boat particularly the failure to have a required night watch on board, and being the first to abandon ship when the fire broke out, leaving passengers trapped below deck on the California dive boat.

Prosecutors argue that Boylan was responsible for passenger safety on the California dive boat and should have taken measures to prevent the fire’s spread and save those on board on the dive boat. The trial also highlights that the crew lacked proper training to handle firefighting equipment on the California dive boat, which may have contributed to the tragedy on the dive boat.

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Captain Boylan’s Defense Argues ‘Fitzler Way’ in Conception Dive Boat Trial

Boylan’s defense claims that he followed the practices established by the boat’s owner, Glen Fitzler known as the “Fitzler way” on the California dive boat, which did not involve having a night watch on the dive boat. They argue that Boylan returned to the dive boat to help after initially abandoning it on the California dive boat pointing to his efforts to call for help from the wheelhouse on the dive boat.

The case is further complicated by reports suggesting that the fire started in a plastic trash can on the main deck of the California dive boat, underscoring the need for effective fire safety measures on the dive boat.

The trial on the California dive boat reflects a tragic incident that underscores the importance of passenger safety and proper crew training on the dive boat, raising questions about adherence to established safety regulations and the responsibilities of ship officers on the California dive boat.

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