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Pilot Joseph David Emerson Pleading Not Guilty to 83 Counts of Attempted Murder and Aircraft Endangerment

(Photo: insider)

Alaska Airlines Pilot Pleading Not Guilty to 83 Counts of Attempted Murder in Engine Shutdown Incident

Alaska Airlines pilot Joseph David Emerson is pleading not guilty to 83 counts of attempted murder and endangering an aircraft after trying to shut down the plane’s engines during a Horizon Airlines flight from Everett to San Francisco, which was diverted to Portland. (Photo: upnorthlive)

Pilot’s Psychedelic Episode: Pleading Not Guilty to Attempted Engine Shutdown on Flight

According to source, an Alaska Airlines pilot, Joseph David Emerson, was found pleading not guilty to 83 counts of attempted murder and one count of endangering an aircraft after attempting to shut down the engines of a passenger plane. The incident occurred during a Horizon Airlines flight heading to San Francisco from Everett which was diverted to Portland following a disturbance.

Emerson, a 44-year-old resident of Pleasant Hill, California, was taken into custody after allegedly attempting to disrupt the operation of the plane’s engines pleading not guilty to these charges. This led to a brief struggle in the cockpit, after which Emerson left calmly and was later restrained by flight attendants.

Court documents revealed that Emerson had ingested psychedelic mushrooms 48 hours before the flight pleading not guilty to these allegations. He reportedly expressed concerns about the pilots not paying attention and claimed he thought he was dreaming when he attempted to shut off the engines.

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Post-Flight Arrest: Pleading Not Guilty Amid Safety Concerns and Suicide Watch

During the flight’s descent, Emerson also tried to open an emergency exit, but a flight attendant prevented him from doing so. After landing, he was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center, pleading not guilty to facing multiple charges related to the incident.

The incident raised concerns about flight safety, and Emerson was placed on suicide watch in jail, with authorities checking on him frequently. He now faces charges in federal court and remains in custody, pleading not guilty and pending his first appearance in federal court at a later date.

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