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Indiana Woman Allegedly Helps Poison and Kills Her Mother’s Husband

Indiana woman
Indiana woman helped her mother poison and kill her husband. (Photo: The Kansas City Star)

Investigators found during a burglary investigation that an Indiana woman helped poison and kill her mother’s husband.

Indiana woman

Indiana woman helped her mother poison and kill her husband. (Photo: The Kansas City Star)

Result of the Burglary Investigation

A burglary investigation has found that an Indiana Woman helped poison and kill her mother’s husband in 2022. In an official press release from Jackson County Sheriff Rick Meyer, he said that Marsha Allen reported a burglary at her home on North State Road 135.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, investigators identified two persons namely Steven White and Nathaniel Kane Napier as the primary suspects. It was also found during the investigation that Ashley Jones, Allen’s daughter, had helped the men burglarize the home.

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Text Conversation Helped Solve the Case

According to an article published in The Kansas City Star, investigators recovered a phone that contained an exchange of conversation between Marsha and Ashley.  They discussed about murdering Marsha’s husband, Harold Allen, by poisoning.

Moreover, Ashley Jones confessed that she ordered ethylene glycol off the Internet but she also added that it was her mother who used it to poison Harold Allen, Marsha’s husband, in his drink.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office arrested Jones on the following charges:

  • murder
  • conspiracy to commit murder
  • attempted murder
  • burglary

Records also revealed that she remained held in the Jackson County Jail.

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