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2 Children Drown in a Pool, Two Women Were Arrested in California

Day care center owners
2 women were arrested after 2 children drowned in a pool. (Photo: YouTube)

Police authorities arrested two women in California who operated a licensed residential day care after two children drowned earlier this month.

Day care center owners

2 women were arrested after 2 children drowned in a pool. (Photo: YouTube)

Two Women Arrested in California After 2 Children Drowned

Police authorities arrested Nina Fathizadeh, 41 years old, and Shahin Gheblehshenas, 64 years old, and were charged with felony child endangerment that resulted in the death and negligence. Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office and police authorities released an official press release.

In a published article in FOX News, the suspects, the mother and daughter, both operate the Happy Happy Daycare in San Jose. On Oct. 2, police authorities conducted a wellness check after they received a call from Fathizadeh reporting the drowning incident.

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How the Two Children Drowned?

According to an article published in the Associated Press, the District Attorney’s Office said that Fathizadeh was making breakfast when she left one of the children unsupervised and out of sight in a play area which is adjacent to the pool.

However, she found one of the children floating near the pool 5 minutes later. She attempted to CPR the boy and found other two children floating unconsciously in the pool.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said, “There is a responsibility to watch over little children in your care like a hawk. Now it is our responsibility to make sure that these defendants are held accountable for this avoidable and heartbreaking tragedy,” Furthermore, the state officials have already suspended the day care’s license.

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