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Biden Requested A Personal Meeting With CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, Reveals By Bombshell Texts

Biden Requested A Personal Meeting With CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, Reveals By Bombshell Texts (Photo: Yahoo)

Did President Joe Biden meet with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming?

Biden Requested A Personal Meeting With CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, Reveals By Bombshell Texts (Photo: FOX 40 Jackson MS)

President Biden personally requested a meeting with the CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, a Chinese businessman who previously gave millions of dollars to his son Hunter Biden’s company, according to text messages made public by the House Ways and Means Committee.

The texts were acquired by the committee as part of its investigations into Hunter’s international business transactions and they were made public on Wednesday along with a wealth of other papers in time for the House Oversight Committee’s first impeachment inquiry hearing against Biden on Thursday.

Hunter said in a WhatsApp message sent to Gongwen Dong, the director of the CEFC at the time, on August 27, 2017 that CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming wished to meet with his uncle’s “brother” in New York City.

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President Joe Biden meeting with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming

According to emails found on Hunter’s infamous laptop, CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming was there when Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden, the only brother of Joe Biden involved in the family’s business operations, met with him in New York City. 

A few weeks prior to the meeting, CEFC sent $5 million to an LLC that Hunter co-owned.

Hunter appeared to be referring to his father, who was allegedly involved in the family’s transactions with CEFC, when he added in the message that his uncle will also be there with his BROTHER who wanted to say hello to the Chairman, CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming. 

The Department of Justice instructed FBI and IRS officials working on the Hunter Biden investigation to delete any mention of Biden from a search warrant connected to an investigation into potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, according to records made public by the committee.

Following the release, the committee claimed that the Biden Administration including senior Justice Department officials had deceived the American public, engaged in a cover up that impeded federal investigators and shielded the Biden family including President Biden himself.

The documents, in the committee’s opinion, support the whistleblowers’ testimony to the committee and further establish their credibility and high regard among peers.

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