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Political Commentator Blasted Biden Administration’s Open Border Policies

Political Commentator
Political Commentator Blasted Biden Administration's Open Border Policies. (Photo: HumanEvents)

After Danelo Cavalcante’s breakout from a Pennsylvania prison, a convicted murderer from Brazil, political commentator Jack Posobiec together with journalist Natalie Winters blamed Biden’s Administration’s lax border policies, allowing the escaped murderer to enter and receive a life sentence in the U.S. instead of deporting the illegal alien.

Political Commentator

Political Commentator Blasted Biden Administration’s Open Border Policies. (Photo:

Political Commentator Says The Open Border Policies Are Flawed

During a Monday podcast, the political commentator exchanged statements with Winters regarding the massive search and attempts of Pennsylvania authorities to capture Cavalcante. According to the political commentator, the open border policies of the current administration were flawed. The political commentator put stress on the fact that no one was talking about Cavalcante being an illegal alien who caused the tragic death of his girlfriend in Brazil. The country has allowed an escaped murderer to enter the country and currently not knowing his whereabouts was a mockery to the state and to the country. Winters, on the other hand, agreed that the issue was really on immigration.

Reports stated that Cavalcante’s sister is being deported now as she refused to assist with the investigation into Cavalcante’s whereabouts. However, according to the police, Cavalcante didn’t have the resources to leave the state and he was probably still in Pennsylvania. The political commentator attacked the authorities’ decision to detain Cavalcante in the country, and why was he not deported. The political commentator also argued that Cavalcante must not receive a life sentence in the U.S. solely because he is an illegal alien.

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Political Commentator Speaks Out His Hunch

To recap, the developments in the Cavalcante case reported him stealing a white van that he later left behind a field before completely changing his appearance. The political commentator further speculated that Cavalcante met someone, hypothetically a gang member with whom he has a connection, to help him from there. It might also be possible, according to the political commentator, that Cavalcante could be long gone because the state increased the reward from $20,000 to $25,000.

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