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Seattle Crime Increase Incites Tensions Between Two Council Members

Seattle Crime Increase
Seattle Crime Increase Incites Tensions Between Two Council Members. (Photo:

Council member Sara Nelson revolts against council representative Tammy Morales, as according to Nelson, Morales is ignoring the alarming Seattle crime increase in the city.

Seattle Crime Increase

Seattle Crime Increase Incites Tensions Between Two Council Members. (Photo: MyNorthWestJournal)

Seattle Crime Increase Claim By Sara Nelson

The Seattle crime increase seems to ignite Nelson’s rage towards Morales as she stands at a corner in the Chinatown-International District (CID) aka Little Sài Gòn and discusses the pressing matter in front of its residents. According to her, the crime wave in Little Sài Gòn is disturbingly spreading throughout District 2 that it even extends into Southeast Seattle. In her little speech, she laid down the evidence on his Seattle crime increase claims as she mentioned two different shooting incidents that happened in the district including the murder of an Uber driver and home invasions targeted at Asian households.

Nelson’s sentiments might have come after months of council deadlock regarding police recruitment and enforcement of local drug laws which are just among other distressing issues the city is facing. Nelson argues that Morales’ missing in action has prompted the Seattle crime increase. Nelson also questions her incapacity to address the Seattle crime increase problem because she receives several emails from residents complaining about their safety and how they feel scared and neglected by the City Hall.

To date, Nelson attended and supported Morales’ opponent, Tanya Woo’s rally on Tuesday where the latter shared her insights on the Seattle crime increase, especially burglaries. In the report, Morales and Woo led August’s primary election race for District 2, obtaining 49% and 45% of the vote, respectively. Both will contend in the general election on November 7. Woo is a community organizer and business owner of the district. Among her roles is being a volunteer in the community watch group giving free water bottles and free meals for in-need residents during the night.

Although Morales didn’t immediately give her comment regarding Woo’s rally, she responded to the event on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying, “For the record, I was not invited to this campaign event for my opponent. My question for Sara is, why were you campaigning instead of attending our Transportation committee?”

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Seattle Crime Increase Report

According to the most recent Seattle crime increase report from the Seattle Police Department (SPD), there are 542 violent crimes reported in the city in the current year. Drug use and violence are reportedly bad during the night and it doesn’t feel safe walking alone in the neighborhood when the dark comes. City officials were said to promise a little bit more police patrolling, which only lasted the first month or so. But now, it almost become an empty promise of politicians who used flowery words to get a seat in the city. Seattle’s crime increase has also been felt by business owners and their employees. Data shows that they often encounter criminal activities, drug use, drug dealing, and just the general deterioration of people’s behavioral, mental, and physical health. It just got worse in the previous years up till now. Once and for all, the community deserves effective solutions to this frightening Seattle crime increase.

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