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The Rise In Violent Crime In New York Has Slowed Over The Past Three Years, But Rampant Petty Crime Worries New York

Violent Crime
Violent Crime ( Photo: )

A 32-year-old man died after being stabbed in a violent crime multiple times on a subway train at Union Square Station in Manhattan.

Violent Crime

Violent Crime ( Photo: The New York Times )

This nasty violent crime has occurred despite police stepping up road checks and a reported surge in arrests and summonses

The rise in violent crime that has rocked the city for three years appears to be easing with murders and shootings continuing to decline as well as shoplifting and subway crime. But in this urging violent crime many New Yorkers still don’t feel safe.

New York City has seen more violent crime during the pandemic, shattering perceptions of the city once billed as “America’s safest metropolis.”

The overall violent crime rate has so far increased by 1% this year compared to last year

Going back to New York even further in the 1980s the violent crime rate was five times higher than it is today with an average of six homicides per day. The violent crime rate plummeted to its lowest level in decades before the pandemic. Violent crime cases remain at historic lows in New York City. But people’s opinions about violent crime are often influenced more by what they see and hear than by specific numbers.


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