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Former Baltimore High School Wrestling Coach Acquitted In Child Sex Abuse Case

Ex-wrestling coach
Ex-wrestling coach ( Photo: Daily Breeze )

An Ex-wrestling coach Neil Adleberg has been acquitted of all charges related to allegedly assaulting former wrestlers.

Ex-wrestling coach

Ex-wrestling coach ( Photo: CBS News )

Ex- wrestling coach testified and denied the charges saying he had a platonic love for a boy who was a teenager at the time

Robinson said being acquitted does not mean that accusers are lying but rather that prosecutors have failed in their duty of proof.  Attorney General Anthony Brown said he would continue to investigate the involvement of the ex-wrestling coach’s sexual abuse related to the Archdioceses of Baltimore and called on abuse victims from the ex-wrestling coach.

The charges barred the ex-wrestling coach from attending events held at Maryland State Wrestling or helping other young wrestlers

Outside the Baltimore County Courthouse, the ex-wrestling coach thanked family and friends for being with him and the judge for his interest in the truth. The allegations he said, have kept the ex-wrestling coach from participating in wrestling in Maryland and helping other young wrestlers.

For the victims of the ex-wrestling coach, your voice is important, your story deserves to be heard regardless of the outcome of this trial. We continue to support you; We believe you, Brown said. The ex-wrestling coach created a tournament that allows wrestlers from different schools to compete against other teams. The ex-wrestling coach also served as an assistant coach at Mont Saint-Joseph.


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