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Murder Suspect Has Admitted To Murdering Teenage Girls By Recording Conversations He Had With His Wife And Mother In Prison

Phone Call
Phone Call ( Photo: YouTube )

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – An Indiana man charged with murdering two teenage girls confessed to the killings multiple times over the phone with his wife in prison, a courtroom was shown Wednesday.

Phone Call

Phone Call ( Photo: Auburn Citizen )

Investigators recorded the phone call and the transcript confirmed that Richard Allen admitted to killing Abigail Williams and Liberty German

Richard Matthew Allen reportedly called his wife, Kathy Allen on April 3 to tell her that he had killed Abigail Williams and Liberty German. The bodies of the two teenagers were found on February 14, 2017, in Carroll County just outside their hometown of Delphi, Indiana, about 97 kilometers northwest of Indianapolis. The revised probable cause affidavit released in November 2022 states that an unused bullet “passed through”, was discovered among the body of Allen. During a search of Allen’s home in October 2022, investigators seized a 40-caliber pistol that he purchased in 2001.

The revelation came to light after Allen County Judge Fran Gull, who was appointed to charge the case after the original judge withdrew himself

Lawyers for Allen – who was arrested in October 2022 on two counts of murder admitted last week that the alleged killer has made accusations that imply he committed the crime, but argued that the confessions were due to his low mental state and the abuse he suffered inside the correctional facility.


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