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Child Killings And Involvement In School Attacks In Ukraine Forced The UN To Blacklist Russia

Ukraine Blacklist
Ukraine Blacklist ( Photo: Center for Civilians in Conflict )

The United Nations (AP) – The Russian military has been blacklisted by the United Nations for killing boys and girls and attacking schools and hospitals in Ukraine.

 Ukraine Blacklist

Ukraine Blacklist ( Photo: AI Jazeera )

The UN secretary-general failed to blacklist Israel for gross human rights abuses against 1,139 Palestinian children, including the killing of 54 last year

Instead, he praised Israel’s engagement with the United Nations’ special envoy for children in armed conflict, Virginia Gamba, and her identification of practical measures, including those taken by proposed by the United Nations to protect children. “Serious violations” include recruitment and use of juveniles by combatants, murder and injury, sexual violence, kidnapping, and attacks on schools and hospitals.

Guterres said conflict spreading into new areas contributed to a 140% increase in serious violations in Myanmar and 135% in South Sudan

The increased activity of armed groups, including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, has also worsened the situation in the central Sahel, especially in Burkina Faso, leading to an 85% increase in serious violations. Guterres said armed groups commit 50 percent of serious violations, but government forces are largely responsible for killing or seriously injuring children, attacking schools and hospitals, and denying access to humanitarian aid.


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