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Former UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Allegedly Assaulted A Woman At NBA Finals Match In Miami

Conor McGregor Rape
Conor McGregor Rape ( Photo: MMA Mania )

MMA fighter Conor McGregor has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Miami after an NBA game and previously hospitalizing a mascot for a quick punch combination.

Conor McGregor Rape

Conor McGregor Rape ( Photo: Yahoo Sports )

Conor McGregor defeated Miami Heat mascot Bernie during the break of Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday in Miami

McGregor has previously come under fire for punching the Heat’s mascot during the same game on Friday, prompting the man in the costume to seek medical attention. Mitchell wrote that NBA and Heat security guards helped separate the alleged victim from her friends and “forced” her into a bathroom with McGregor and his security team.

An agent for the grumpy former Irish champion reportedly claimed the accusations against his client were false

The victim said she was able to get out, but then begged McGregor to return the wallet she accidentally left behind. According to the lawyer’s letter, the woman interrupted McGregor by telling him she wanted to urinate. She is then accused of allegedly forcing her to perform oral sex and trying to sodomize her. In a statement, the Miami Heat said the team was aware of the allegations and declined to comment further until the investigation was completed. The UFC also issued a similar statement regarding the allegations against its fighters.


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