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Civil Rights Lawyer Had Been Arrested And Jailed By Police And Had Already Accused Of “Ruthless Brutality”

Civil Rights Lawyer
Civil Rights Lawyer ( Photo: Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers )

Prominent Mississippi Civil Rights Attorney Arrested and Jailed for Predicting Retaliation for Prosecuting Police Officers for Civil Rights Violations.

Civil Rights Lawyer

Civil Rights Lawyer ( Photo: ABC News )

Arrested and jailed for filming a traffic stop enforced by the same police agency that has accused her

Jefferson was arrested on Saturday charged with multiple felonies, and held at the local jail until Monday afternoon. Officials met with Jefferson’s criminal defense attorney Michael Carr, on Monday. Carr said that during the call he heard an officer knock on his car door. The call was abruptly interrupted when an officer grabbed his phone and disconnected it. Carr said Jefferson filmed the traffic on the highway from his car. Carr said Officer Scott Walter of the Lexington Police Department asked for an identification. Carr said the customer showed his ID but refused to get out of the car even though Walker told him to do so. Walker then removed Jefferson from the car and thoroughly searched the car, trunk, wallet, and belongings.

Carr expressed a belief that the arrest may be directly related to Julian’s ongoing federal lawsuit against law enforcement in Lexington

I am concerned that these arrests are in retaliation for state civil rights lawsuits filed on behalf of some Lexington citizens by Attorney Jefferson and his group, Mr. Carr told the media.


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