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A Week Before The Dying Knife Attack, The Mother Filed A Complaint About Her Daughter’s Alleged Stalker

Fatal Stabbing
Fatal Stabbing ( Photo: )

Mr. Chubby’s Wings will be holding a fundraiser on June 17th to raise money for Mr. Schemitz and his family. All proceeds go directly to her and her recovery.

Fatal Stabbing

Fatal Stabbing ( Photo: The Kimberley Echo )

Mother of 17-year-old softball player allegedly stabbed at least 15 times by ex-girlfriend files criminal complaint

Rogé told detectives that Pearson had mental health issues and had been in contact with her mother about several incidents. Rogé thinks Pearson has acted strangely towards Schemitz. He allegedly followed her on her way to school left notes on her car and harassed her on social media.

Schemitz and her mother met friends at Mr. Chubby’s Wings in Ponte Vedra Beach on June 3. When they were seated, they finally noticed Pearson sitting at a nearby table.

Pearson has allegedly been stalking and harassing Schemitz since April 2023, and the mother and daughter decided to leave the restaurant

The warrant confirmed that Schemitz and Pearson had a previous relationship.

“The defendant held the teenage victim with one arm and stabbed him about 15 times,” a witness told investigators. According to the affidavit, Roger tried to pull Pearson away and was stabbed in the forehead and foot in the process. A strange man in the parking lot intervened and eventually succeeded in separating Pearson from the mother and daughter stabbing Pearson in the process. “After being evicted, the defendant slashed his throat several times and told witnesses that he attempted suicide,” the arrest warrant said.


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