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Donald Trump Keeps Secret Documents In Shower Room And Ballroom And Faces 37 Felony Charges, Unsealed Indictment Reveals

Indictment ( Photo: Wand-tv )

A recently unsealed indictment revealed that Donald Trump kept classified documents in his bathroom, shower, ballroom, storage room, office, and bedroom.


Indictment ( Photo: ABC News )

The former president faces 37 counts of concealing classified information and making false statements

Federal indictments against Donald Trump in a classified Mar-a-Lago criminal investigation have been made public. That means the ex-president could face decades in prison if convicted as charged. The indictment contains dozens of charges of intentional concealment of defense information as well as charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice, false testimony, and concealment of documents through corruption. Prosecutors said Trump showed another person a Pentagon document labeled attack plans against other countries.

If convicted Trump could face up to 20 years in prison for obstruction of justice charges

According to the indictment, President Trump’s plan to hide the documents ultimately caused Trump’s lawyers to sign a false disclosure document that classified documents were returned to the US government. In addition, his aide Walt Nauta who was caught on surveillance footage removing a box at the Mar-a-Lago mansion was also charged. The unsealed indictment is based on Trump’s own statements shared with prosecutors by lawyers aides and other witnesses. Totaling nearly 50 pages, the indictment comes as Trump prepares to make his first appearance in federal court in Miami where the lawsuit was filed.


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