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Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas Delays Annual Financial Disclosure Amid Donor Controversy As Congress Blames Billionaire Friend

Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Clarence Thomas ( Photo: CNBC )

News broke on Wednesday that Judge Thomas and Judge Samuel Alito had requested and been granted a 90-day extension to file the financial disclosures required by law.

Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas ( Photo: CNN )

Thomas has been heavily criticized for not mentioning various luxury yacht trips hosted by Crow

The real estate deal involved paying for the house where the Judge’s mother lived and private school fees for Thomas’ great-nephew whom the Judge raised “like a son.” A Texas real estate developer also bought land from the family of a conservative Georgia judge to fund part of his grandnephew’s private schooling. The revelation sparked heavy criticism of Thomas, who did not disclose the relationship and called for Supreme Court ethics reform. Crow said the gestures were out of friendship and not inappropriate.

In a reply letter to the Commission dated May 22, Crow’s attorneys resisted an investigation into his client’s friendship with Thomas

“In our response, we explained why we do not believe the Commission is authorized to conduct an investigation against Mr. Crow and Judge Thomas. Therefore, we are unable to initiate research to assist in the development of such standards”.

In addition, the Commission may not conduct investigations aimed at targeting and disclosing non-public facts about individuals. Deputy Attorney General Tory previously said he had been ‘advised’ he did not have to report luxury yachting due to a personal hotel exemption.


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