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The Justice Department Will Counter Qanon Shaman’s Attempt To Overturn The Jan. 6 Riot, Based On Footage Broadcast By Tucker Carlson

Qanon Shaman
Qanon Shaman ( Photo: PBS )

Jacob Anthony Chansley confronts congressional police along with other militant supporters of then-President Donald Trump in a hallway outside the Senate room in Washington, DC, January 6, 2021.

Qanon Shaman

Qanon Shaman ( Photo: CBS News )

The government dismissed Chansley’s allegations as baseless, noting that at the time of sentencing he was aware of the exact video that he now claims to have exonerated him

Mr. Carlson’s footage spanned about four minutes of Mr. Chansley’s tour of the Capitol and almost exclusively showed the most egregious examples of his behavior that day, prosecutors wrote. Chansley then entered the Senate Gallery unattended at 2:52 p.m., he began shouting obscenities as other mobs ransacked the US Senator’s desk downstairs. “All of these actions were captured by cameras on the Senate floor, reporters’ footage, the Metropolitan Police Department’s body cameras, other crowd scenes, and the Capitol’s CCV cameras. It was done before the footage was shot,” Paschal continued.

Mr. Chansley’s lawyers confirmed they had seen the video and denied Mr. Chansley’s allegations that police had “taken him” to the Senate floor

The Chamber door was held for Mr. Chansley by law enforcement as he entered the Chamber. The attorney even captioned the stills from the video and noted, “Chansley entered the room with Officer Robishaw a few minutes later,” demonstrating that he not only knew about his client’s behavior but also appreciated Officer Robishaw’s involvement.


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