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A Mother Accused Of Leaving Two Children In Burning Car While Allegedly Shoplifting in Orlando

Shoplifting ( Photo: AP News )

Police have arrested 24-year-old Orlando resident Alicia Moore after her children were found in a burning car on suspicion of shoplifting at the Oviedo Mall.


Shoplifting ( Photo: DNyuz )

Leaving her two children in her car after it caught fire while the other was shoplifting

According to the News on May 26, Alicia Moore, a 24-year-old Orlando resident, set her car ablaze after alleged shoplifting at the Oviedo Mall, trapped inside, and police accused her of aggravated child neglect and arson. The two children eventually escaped the burning vehicle with the help of bystanders and were treated at a nearby hospital. According to the arrest report, Moore left the children at Lincoln 2016 around noon that day while she went with a “stranger” to Dillard’s Department Store and spent about an hour shoplifting.

According to the report, Moore “provided only biographical information” and hired an attorney

The arrest report states while the cause of the fire is unknown, Moore’s neglect contributed to the children’s injuries, and “the fire occurred during the commission of a felony by Moore,” hence the charges she is facing. Moore pleaded not guilty on Friday. Her bail has been set at $20,000 and her arraignment is scheduled for June 27, according to filings obtained by the News.


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