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Man Arrested For Paying For Meal With Fake Money, Beating Up Manager

Fake Money
Fake Money ( Photo: KOKH )

Oklahoma City police arrested a man for arguing with a manager over counterfeit bills after trying to pay for a meal at a Mexican restaurant.

Fake Money

Fake Money ( Photo: Loss Prevention Magazine )

A 33-year-old man allegedly used counterfeit bills to pay for meals at a local Mexican restaurant

According to court documents cited by KOKH-TV, Oklahoma City Police responded to Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant on Sunday, May 28, after receiving a call from someone at the establishment who said Barton and a blonde woman would not pay for their meal. Police arrested Barton at the scene, but the woman had fled by the time officers arrived. Barton and the woman are said to have ordered $41.82 worth of food and placed the $100 bill on the table as they left. Director Juan Garcia said KFOR-TV all the time people leave money on the table, but this time it was different. When he went to pick it up, he saw the bill saying “for the cinema”.

The manager told police he wanted to charge Barton with assault, assault and defrauding a motel owner

When officers arrested Barton, they found a small bag filled with a white powder-like substance. Barton is said to have told officers it was just trash, but officers took it and tested it. The white powder tested positive for 1.75 grams of Fentanyl. Barton was taken to the Oklahoma County Detention Center and is facing charges of Counterfeiting-Forgery, Trafficking Illegal Drug-CDS, Assault and Battery, and Defrauding an Inn Keeper.


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