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Sick Man Found Guilty Of Intentionally Running Over Girlfriend With Truck

Truck ( Photo: KSDK )

A man was found guilty Thursday of first-degree murder in connection with the death of his girlfriend after a domestic violence dispute.


Truck ( Photo: RLS Media )

A jury found a 60-year-old man guilty of intentionally hitting and killing his 46-year-old girlfriend with a truck

According to Madison County State’s Attorney Thomas Haine, the jury took less than an hour to return from deliberation with a verdict, finding Richard Mayor, 60, guilty of first-degree murder for intentionally striking Lisa Dunnavant-Polach, 46, with his pickup along a highway in Pontoon Beach on Feb. 21. He initially faced reckless homicide. Assistant District Attorney Luke Yeager showed surveillance video of the incident during the trial.

According to evidence and testimony, Dunnavant-Polach tried to flee the mayor driving a pickup truck on 111, Illinois, after an altercation

A witness was driving an articulated truck nearby when he saw Dunnavant-Polach in distress and stopped to help. However, when he tried to jump into the semi-truck he was hit by the mayor’s pickup truck. The former Marine testified that he ripped the microphone cable from the CB radio and used it to attach a tourniquet to Dunnavant-Polach’s amputated leg. Dunnavant-Polach told the Good Samaritan that his boyfriend was behind the wheel of a pickup truck.


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