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Woman Who Went Missing With Her Boyfriend While On A Trip Is Found Selling Her Phone Over The Weekend

Selling Phone
Selling Phone ( Photo: Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy )

Nicky Alcaraz and boyfriend Steven Tyler Stratton set off on a cross-country road trip in their Jeep Wrangler and arrived west after reportedly getting into a public brawl.

Selling Phone

Selling Phone ( Photo: William Jaksa )

Couples were involved in a domestic assault

According to an incident report, a witness told a deputy he saw Stratton punch Alcaraz in the face on the side of Interstate 40 on May 4. Authorities were already on the way to the scene after dispatch received a call from a screaming woman who abruptly stopped responding. They arrived to find her covered in bruises – but Stratton was also bleeding from the face so badly that there was blood running down the side of the car. Deputies determined them to be “mutual combatants.”

A nearby witness saw the incident and reported it to the police

“Mr. Hamilton (the witness) stated that as he was driving by when he noticed the female sitting on the ground with the male over her and he punched her in the face,” the responding officer wrote.

But as he took Stratton into custody, he found him bleeding from his face.

The couple told police they dropped off a friend in Amarillo, Texas, en route to California.

According to the report, both men appeared to have been drinking but denied ever getting behind the wheel. Police split them up and the next day Alcaraz was accompanied by another man to pick up the car, according to the incident report.


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