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Nebraska Killings: Woman Pleads Not Guilty in 1 of 4 Charges

Nebraska couple
Nebraska couple pleaded not guilty. (Photo: WETV)

While the Nebraska couple remained in jail, the woman pleaded not guilty to one of the four charges filed against her in relation to the death of four persons.

Nebrasla woman

Nebraska couple pleaded not guilty. (Photo: WETV)

Woman Pleaded Not Guilty

Carrie Jones, 44 years old, pleaded not guilty to the death of one of four people in a small northeast Nebraska town last year. The court records revealed that she entered into a written not-guilty plea this week to the following:

  • first-degree murder
  • being an accessory to a felony and tampering with evidence

Meanwhile, her husband Carrie Jones, 44 years old, pleaded not guilty to each of the four counts of murder filed against him. That also included the use of a firearm to commit a felony and two counts of first-degree arson, according to a report published in FOX News.

It was first reported that Carrie Jones was charged in relation to the death of 86-year-old Gene Twiford last year. On the other hand, her husband was charged with allegedly killing Twiford, his wife, and his daughter. Additionally, he was also suspected of killing another woman in Laurel and setting fire to the victim’s home.

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Nebraska Couple Denied the Allegations

According to a published report in US News, the Nebraska couple denied the allegations during the hearing. They also claimed that they do not have any conflicts with Ebeling and her fiance.

Furthermore, the couple remains jailed and they are scheduled to appear in court on July 4, 2023 while Carrie Jones is scheduled for an arraignment this May 22 in Cedar County District Court.

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