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Texas Man Fatally Shoots, Kills a Maintenance Worker at the Apartment Complex

Shooting incident
Texas man shots and killed a maintenance worker. (Photo: KSAT)

A Texas man was charged with murder on Friday after he was accused of shooting and killing a maintenance worker at the apartment complex where he lived.

Shooting incident

Texas man shoots and killed a maintenance worker. (Photo: KSAT)

Texas Man Shoots and Kills a Maintenance Worker

A Texas man from Forth Worth was charged with murder on Friday after he was alleged of shot and killed a maintenance worker at the apartment complex. According to the report, this happened after an intense argument, FOX News reports.

Police authorities identified the suspect as Devin Smith, 29 years old, and the victim as Carlos Aybar, the maintenance worker. It was found during the investigation that the Texas man Devin Smith pulled the gun and shot Carlos Aybar during their intense argument.

Moreover, the root cause of the shooting incident was when the Texas man went to the front desk to address the correspondence he received from the management.

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What is the Correspondence that the Texas Man Received?

In a published article in KSAT, Police Officer from Forth Worth told the news outlet that he did not know what the correspondence was all about. However, he also added that whatever it was, the Texas man needs to address and deal with the issue he was facing on the property where he lived.

Additionally, neighbors of the Texas man believed that the correspondence could be about an eviction notice which is why there was tension and it escalated. He shot Aybar multiple times and fled from the crime scene before the police authorities arrived but he was apprehended in his apartment.

The Texas man is now at the Tarrant County Jail and was held on a $150,000 bond. Furthermore, he is expected to appear in court on May 1.

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