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Man Charged With Murder Of Victim He Had History Of Stalking In Oregon

Suspect Steven Milner [Photo: MEAWW]
Suspect Steven Milner [Photo: MEAWW]

Steven Milner was charged with the murder of Kenneth Fandrich in Oregon. Reportedly, Milner also had a history of stalking Fandrich after having an affair with Fandrich’s wife.

Stalking [Photo: Gedling Eye]

Stalking [Photo: Gedling Eye]

On February 2, the Hillsboro Police Department announced that they have already arrested retired veterinarian Steven Milner, 55. Milner was charged with murder for killing Kenneth Fandrich, 56, who had accused Milner of stalking.

According to an article on the Fox News, Milner reportedly had a stalking order that prohibited him from any contact with Fandrich. This is because Milner allegedly stalked Fandrich after having an affair with Fandrich’s wife. Fandrich was discovered dead inside his car parked in a company garage last week. An autopsy showed that Fandrich died from blunt compression trauma to his neck.

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Stalking Lawsuit Filed Against Milner

According to Parker, the dispute between Milner and Fandrich started when Milner had an affair with Fandrich’s wife while she was an employee of Milner. In September, Fandrich reportedly filed a lawsuit against Milner for stalking. The lawsuit stated that Milner stalked Fandrich’s car, trespassed on Fandrich’s property, attached GPS tracking devices to Fandrich’s car, and threatened to cut Fandrich’s body into pieces.

In addition, Michael Fuller, Fandrich’s lawyer stated that Fandrich claimed that he had been stalked by Milner for years which caused emotional harm and invasion of privacy. On the contrary, Shelley Aschenbrenner, the defense attorney designated by the court to represent Milner did not respond to messages asking for comments about the case.

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