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Three Felons Were Convicted of Allegedly Causing a Deadly Car Crash in North Carolina

Felons rammed a law enforcement vehicle before leading deputies on a deadly chase. An ambulance was called to transport a severely intoxicated person to a hospital for treatment. A deputy approached a Range Rover with completely dark windows and tried to talk to the people inside the vehicle to get it to move out of the way (Arias, 2023).

According to authorities, a 27-year-old man was killed in an Osceola County crash caused by felons fleeing a Davenport house party. A deputy noticed that the Range Rover had a temporary tag that expired in 2022.

The Range Rover accelerated and struck the deputy’s police car as it traveled. The deputy who gave up the chase came upon the crash and saw people running from the SUV. He and backup deputies were able to capture three suspects who all have criminal records. Authorities speculated that there might be a fourth suspect but were not able to offer any further information.

One suspect has been charged with vehicle theft, battery, burglary, and reckless driving. Another suspect is accused of trafficking in MDMA and maintaining a vehicle for drug sales. The third suspect is suspected of possessing marijuana with intent to sell and violating probation.

Police say the vehicle was stolen out of Martin County in September 2022. The Florida Highway Patrol and the PCSO have charged all three suspects with multiple offenses. There was a firearm inside the SUV, which police are still trying to determine who was driving.


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