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Serial Killer Pleads Guilty 50 Years After Cold Case Murder Of Two Stanford Women In 1973

Stanford Murders Serial Killer [Photo: Fox News]
Stanford Murders Serial Killer [Photo: Fox News]

John Getreu has recently pleaded guilty in connection with the cold case murder of two women from Stanford in 1973. The victims were not given justice until 2021 when Getreu was finally convicted.

Stanford Murder Victims [Photo: The Mercury News]

Stanford Murder Victims [Photo: The Mercury News]

On January 10, John Getreu, 78, has pleaded guilty to the murder of Leslie Perlov and Janet Taylor, both 21, of Stanford in 1973. Perlov was a librarian at Stanford Law and Taylor was a Stanford graduate and the daughter of Stanford football coach Chuck Taylor. Getreu, then 28, strangled both Perlov and Taylor 13 months apart and became known as the serial killer in “The Stanford Murders”. 

According to Conklin, authorities discovered Perlov’s remains in the hills surrounding the campus of Stanford University on February 16, 1973. A scarf was found wound tightly around her neck. Authorities then believed that Getreu committed at least three murders of women including Taylor.

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Justice Has Been Served

According to Conklin, the case went cold for almost four decades before Getreu was finally charged in 2018. This was after Santa Clara District Attorney’s office have been able to identify Getreu’s DNA under Perlov’s fingernails. However, the victims were not fully given justice until 2021 when Getreu was finally convicted of Taylor’s murder. Aside from murder, Getreu was also convicted of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl from Germany in the 1960s and the rape of a woman from California in 1975. This April, Getreu will have a sentencing hearing where he will spend a lifetime in prison.

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