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Man Kills 2 Children, Holds Another Hostage In Mississippi

Suspect Marquez Griffin [Photo:]
Suspect Marquez Griffin [Photo:]

Marquez Griffin was arrested after killing 2 children and holding another one hostage in Jonestown, Mississippi. Fortunately for the third child, authorities were able to talk Griffin into dropping his weapon.

Victim Averi Jones [Photo:]

Victim Averi Jones [Photo:]

Marquez Griffin, 25, was arrested after allegedly shooting two children to death and holding another one hostage in Jonestown, Mississippi. On January 9, at around 2 a.m., authorities from the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report about a child who was shot at the Coldwater River Road Apartments in Jonestown, Mississippi. A deputy off work who lives around the area reportedly went to the location and discovered the suspect was holding a child hostage. Fortunately, when authorities arrived, they were able to talk Griffin into dropping his weapon which brought the child to safety.

According to True Crime Daily, the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Office authorities also discovered that two other children have suffered from fatal gunshot wounds even before they have arrived at the scene. One child was a boy aged 9 and the other was a girl aged 1. One of the children was reportedly already dead even before the authorities arrived, while the other was transported to an emergency room in Clarksdale. However, the Coahoma Police announced the child did not survive. The victim was identified as the 1-year-old girl Averi Jones.

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Justice Is Served

According to reports, Griffin has recently moved back to Jonestown from Arlington, Texas. To date, Griffin is booked into the Coahoma County Adult Detention Center on two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of murder, as reported by True Crime Daily.

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