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Josh Duggar Appeals 12-Year Sentence For Child Pornography, Claims There Is An ‘Alternative Suspect’

Josh Duggar Found Guilty of Child Pornography
Josh Duggar Found Guilty of Child Pornography

TV star Josh Duggar filed an appeal for his 12-year sentence after being charged with child pornography. According to him, the jury denied his claim that there is an ‘alternative suspect’ to the crime, says Klasfeld.

Josh Duggar Found Guilty of Child Pornography [Photo: Us Weekly]

Josh Duggar Found Guilty of Child Pornography [Photo: Us Weekly]

On December 2021, a federal jury in Arkansas found 19 Kids and Counting TV star Josh Duggar, 34, guilty of downloading and possessing child sexual abuse material. A few months later, U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks sentenced Duggar to over 12 years in prison. Currently, Duggar is serving a term at a low-security prison in Seagoville, Texas.

However, Duggar reportedly asked the federal appeals court for a new trial, claiming that he was denied the opportunity to confess about an ‘alternative suspect’ during his first trial. On the other hand, prosecutors argued that Duggar was denied because the jury did not find his claim plausible.

What Happened Before Trial

According to Klasfeld, before the first trial, Duggar wanted to identify Caleb Williams as an alternative suspect. Williams reportedly used to be an employee at his car lot. However, Brooks discovered that Williams was only at Duggar’s car lot several days before the child pornography downloads occurred. Joshua Handell, the Justice Department’s appellate attorney also told the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that all evidence points to Duggar. None of the evidence has pointed to Williams.

Duggar also pointed out other arguments on appeal, but they all failed before the trial court. His defense team also reportedly tried to conceal evidence discovered by Gerald Faulkner, a Homeland Security Agent. The said evidence was found on Duggar’s cell phone when authorities visited his car dealership on November 8 three years ago.

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