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T-Mobile To Compensate Phone Users Of Up To $25,000 After Data Breach

Cyberattack Against T-Mobile In 2021 [Photo:]
Cyberattack Against T-Mobile In 2021 [Photo:]

Mobile network T-Mobile will be compensating its phone users of up to $25,000 each after a data breach. This security violation was caused by a cyberattack against T-Mobile in 2021, says Chiappino.

Cyberattack Against T-Mobile In 2021

Cyberattack Against T-Mobile In 2021

In August 2021, a cyber attacker allegedly hit the mobile network T-Mobile. This violation in security jeopardized the personal information of roughly 76 million U.S. phone users. The personal information included data like names, phone numbers, birthdates, addresses, zip codes, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, and phone unlock passwords. Several lawsuits were filed as a result of the alleged cyberattack. And although T-Mobile has not admitted to any fault, the company agreed to settle compensations last July 2022.

How much will T-Mobile compensate?

According to Chiappino, phone users who were affected by the cyberattack against T-Mobile can opt to receive an Alternative Cash Payment worth $25. If the victim was in California on August 1 last year, they can claim up to $100. For victims who had to take a break from work because of the incident, they can be compensated for up to five hours of their hourly wage. Compensation can increase up to $25,000 for victims who spent money in connection with the cyberattack. However, compensation claims must be submitted before January 23, 2023 ends. In addition, T-Mobile is also offering two years of Identity Protection services to the victims for free.


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