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Inmate Convicted Of Murder After Stabbing Cellmate To Death At Macomb County Prison

Inmate Who Stabbed Cellmate [Photo: FOX 2 Detroit]
Inmate Who Stabbed Cellmate [Photo: FOX 2 Detroit]

Michael Ketchum was convicted of murder after stabbing his cellmate to death at Macomb County Prison in Michigan. Prior to this, Ketchum also faced multiple counts of criminal charges, says

Macomb Correctional Facility [Photo: Detroit Free Press]

Macomb Correctional Facility [Photo: Detroit Free Press]

On October 18, Michael Ketchum, 45, had allegedly assaulted a fellow prisoner during breakfast. When officers visited Ketchum’s cell, they found the body of his cellmate under the bed strangled, tied up, and stabbed in the head and neck eight times. Ketchum was then immediately transferred to another facility.

Last December 19, Ketchum was put on trial at the Macomb Correctional Facility on 26 Mile Road in Macomb County. Ketchum was convicted due to possession of a weapon, assault with intent to murder, first-degree murder, a life sentence without parole, and 5 years of felony. Ketchum is scheduled to return to court for a probable cause on January 4 next year. A preliminary hearing will also be conducted a week after.

Not An Isolated Case

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Ketchum has previously faced charges for managing a laboratory involving methamphetamine, being a prisoner possessing weapons and contraband, armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault with intent to murder. Ketchum’s earliest possible release date will be on April 22, 2083, as reported by

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