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A Woman Was Arrested After Being Caught Trespassing Robert De Niro’s Home in New York

According to NBC New York, the incident occurred on Monday, Dec. 19, at East 65th Street where a woman illegally trespassed Robert De Niro’s home. The NYPD 19th Precinct Public Safety Team identified the woman named Shanice Aviles as a 30-year-old woman who allegedly break into the actor’s home.

NYPD officers with the 19th Precinct were on patrol when they spotted Aviles attempting to open doors to commercial buildings (Bacardi, 2022). The authorities saw the suspect enter the home and they followed her. The New York Times reported that Aviles allegedly got inside the home by forcing her way into the basement, where she attempted to steal some of De Niro’s properties.

Police reportedly woke up De Niro to report the break-in, though they did not know it was his house until then.

A spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department said that a burglary occurred at the residence of Robert De Niro and his daughter. De Niro was upstairs with his daughter when the burglary occurred, but no one was hurt.

The woman was arrested by the authorities. It was reported that the suspect, Aviles has spent time in jail 7 times before Monday’s arrest, most recently for burglary. She has been cuffed nine times since Nov. 21 in the same precinct and has two bench warrants (Santia, 2022).


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