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Woman Kills 2 People During Home Invasion and Stabbing, Takes Plea Deal

Kristen Wolf appears in a mugshot
Kristen Wolf appears in a mugshot (Photo from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)

Indianapolis prosecutors reached a deal with a May 2020 serial killer who admitted to being inspired by serial killers on Tuesday.

Kristen Wolf, 30, pled guilty to her charges of two murders, one attempted murder, and one attempted battery with a deadly weapon, according to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Kristen Wolf appears in a mugshot

Kristen Wolf appears in a mugshot (Photo from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)

The state may not execute in exchange for the plea. The defendant will be imprisoned for 100 years in January 2023 after agreeing to it.

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Gruesome Murder Scene

WTHR and WXIN, affiliates of NBC and Fox, respectively, received court documents showing a chaotic and gruesome scene at the far west-side apartment where the homicides occurred.

A woman they had never met attacked them on May 11, 2020. Victoria Cook, 24, was stabbed when she opened her front door to answer a knock. Her terrible attack killed her instantly. The 300-pound black-clad person stabbed another woman in the neck, but she survived.

Dylan Dickover, 28, grabbed Wolf from behind to stop the attack. Defendant responded. She stabbed him first. She stabbed a large blood vessel in his leg. Dickover bled to death at Eskenazi Hospital.

Another buddy of the deceased was upstairs throughout the fighting. He told police he hurried downstairs after hearing a commotion and witnessed a strawberry-blonde woman stabbing people. He returned upstairs to beg the woman who lived there for a weapon, but she had left by the time he returned to Wolf.

He stopped his buddies from bleeding while calling for aid.

The survivor reported the perpetrator wore business clothes. However, the killer’s hat helped police at the scene. A cap with an “Indiana Department of Corrections” patch fell off. This revealed the culprit. “Wolf” was inside.

Investigators quickly discovered that the IDC employed Kristen Wolf. Her paperwork matched what witnesses told police about the attacker.

The murderer was caught at her workplace, the Madison Correctional Facility, which has 600 low-security women inmates. In her first police interview, she denied being in Indianapolis that night, stated she wasn’t working and was with a friend. She then requested a lawyer.

Wolf’s home was searched, and authorities found additional combat-style knives, more clothing with the same IDC patch as the cap abandoned at the crime site, and documents in which she wrote about being interested and wanting to kill.

Inspired by Serial Killers

The defendant claimed that serial killers inspired her nightstand notes about killing. She wrote that she considered killing her partner or wife but chose a stranger. She acknowledged that she could die in the attack but didn’t want to.

The papers, including a handwritten will, were dated May 11, 2020, the day of the murders.

Ryan Mears, Marion County Prosecutor, said this senseless violence has no place in society. This deal puts Wolf in prison for life. We are thinking of the families and others affected by the tragedy.

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