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[VIDEO] Caught on Camera: Man Kicks a Woman Down Subway Station Escalator

Brooklyn Escalator Kick
A man kicked a woman in a subway station that sent her falling down an escalator. (Photo: NYPD)

Alarming footage displays a man kicking a woman in a Brooklyn subway station. According to New York City Police Department, this resulted in the woman tumbling down the moving escalator.On Thursday night, the alleged assault transpired as the man in the footage could be witnessed pushing past the woman on an escalator out of the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center Station. A manhunt has been initiated to search for the attacker who kicked the woman down the NY subway escalator.

Brooklyn Escalator Kick

A man kicked a woman in a subway station that sent her falling down an escalator. (Photo: New York Latest News)

‘Excuse Me’

According to the woman, 32, she said to the man to utter “excuse me” when they encountered each other. She also remarked that she was traumatized by the incident. “I’ve fallen downstairs before, but I’ve never fallen down escalators. Escalators are extremely painful.”

The scenario transpired following her getting out of the subway. One man reportedly shoved his way past as she was riding up the escalator to the street. The victim stated that she told him that he should have been courteous to say “excuse me.” The man then turned around and struck her down the escalator.

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According to the Brooklyn mother, the victim, she is currently covered in claw marks from her propelling down the metal stairs. She fears bumping into the accused again.
She shared on condition of anonymity. According to the 30-year-old fashion design pupil, she was on her way home on Thursday. This was the day of the assault at the Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center station.
She showed WCAX her cuts, injuries, and contusions across her arms, legs, and back. Police officials issued a surveillance photo of the man who made her tumbling down.

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