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Kansas Politician Accused of Kicking a Student in the Groin Received Probation After Pleading Guilty

Mark Samsel
Mark Samsel was accused of kicking the groin of a student. He pleaded guilty. (Photo: NBC News)
Mark Samsel

Mark Samsel was accused of kicking the groin of a student. He pleaded guilty. (Photo: ArkaMax)

A Kansas state legislature member was recently accused of hitting a student in the groin. On Monday, he has pleaded guilty to three arraignments of disorderly conduct. Samsel then received probation.

The 36-year-old in April was seized at a Wellsville school district high school. Samsel was a substitute teacher in an art class when he had disputes with two teenaged pupils.

Probation, No Social Media

State Representative Samsel was sentenced to one year of probation. According to a Franklin County District Court order, he was commanded by a judge to not use his personal social media handles.

The Republican was commanded to write letters of apology for what transpired as well, which happened on April 28 at Wellsville High School. He was partly captured on video and audio recordings issued by the Kansas City Star.

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Samsel complied to not use social media for personal usage. He was ordered to not have communication with the high school student who alleged he was kicked and another student who complained of an altercation with Samsel.

‘Get the Wrath of God’

According to Samsel in the squabble with one student, “You’re about ready to anger me and get the wrath of God. Do you believe me when I tell you that God has been speaking to me?”

The affidavit indicates that Samsel was narrating how a Black boy he knows had a suicide attempt. When Samsel began shouting and discussing the matter many times, one unidentified student put in his earbuds. This led to a quarrel wherein Samsel pushed the student into a wall and remarked with the said statement, kicking the student in his groin.

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