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Covid -19 vaccine card- things we need to know!

Covid-19 is an infectious disease, and to protect people from the disease, vaccination drives have started. After the vaccination is received, a vaccine card is given to the vaccine receiver as documentation. The card will contain the receiver’s details, like birthdate, name, lot number, the vaccine manufacturer, and the date and place where the vaccine was given. The card will also reflect if the vaccine receiver needs to come again for a booster shot. It will remind the receiver when to go for a booster shot. There are various other usages of the vaccine card.

Reasons to keep vaccine card safely –

  • One reason would be that the receiver of the vaccine might experience an adverse event. If the event is related to a particular vaccine lot number, this card will help find the receiver’s vaccine and what the connection is with the event.
  • If a future booster dose of vaccine is required, this card will help track when the last dose was received.
  • Knowing which vaccine dose the receiver received the last time will decide the composition of future dose to be received.
  • As the country moves forward, proof of vaccine will be required for travel, school, work, etc.
  • In the future, a “vaccine card” may become the basis for immunity passports. A document that would be needed to access public spaces and travel.
  • Some businesses are offering discounts if the customer is vaccinated.

 More details about Vaccine card –

Once the receiver of the vaccine receives the card, 1st thing to be done is to take a digital photo of both the card’s side or scan the card and save it on a phone or laptop. Share personal proof of vaccination on social media sites so that theft can be identified. The receiver can print the card and use the printed version and safely keep the original one. One thing to keep in mind with the vaccine card is not to laminate it; then, booster dose details cannot be added in the future. 

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