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Students Back To School Amid the Spread of COVID-19 Delta Variant; Eligible Students Need To Get Vaccinated

Elementary school students learn at school, having to don masks and keep distance to stay safe during this pandemic (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

The commencing of the school year typically sets forth a sense of reassurance for most parents. However, with COVID-19 cases in the United States reaching levels last witnessed in February 2021 and the highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus becoming prevalent in the country, the beginning of the term was cautiously welcomed.

The advantages of face-to-face learning are apparent: Kids learn more with their desks, parents can get on with their work, and susceptible individuals are less likely to be left behind. But there was dubiousness surrounding inundated classrooms that the set-up would bolster the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Kids Schooling

Back-to-school in the United States. (Photo: CAGW)

Approval of COVID-19 Vaccines for Children 5 to 11 Years Old

According to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the upcoming approval of COVID-19 vaccines for 5- to 11-yea-old students will be a “game-changer” for the American public school system. This is an arrangement that returned over 50 million students to schooling for the first time since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, but one that remains underscored by obstacles underway linked with the highly contagious Delta variant.

Use of Face Masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its measures in early August. It sets forth an indoor masking policy for all staff, teachers, students, and visitors to K-12 schools regardless of inoculation status. Kids in overall adequate health could don a fabric or non-medical face mask that is washed every day.

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Situations in Schools

According to a parent from West Ada School District in Idaho, Abbey Erquiaga, she has two elementary-aged children in the West Ada School District. At the beginning of the school year, she did not think favorably regarding the “required but not really” face mask guideline. They have had both children don face masks. They have also been sitting in class longer than many of their classmates, courtesy of the quarantine exclusion available before when masks became compulsory.

Meanwhile, a high school junior anticipates solving math problems on paper again in Ohio. Also, in Ohio, an administrator who regularly takes on the role of “teaching and learning” has become a de facto Covid czar, overseeing swiftly mounting case counts. In a middle school in Massachusetts, a boy is learning the trumpet through a face mask with a specially cut hole.

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