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Several GP Surgeries Postponed; Why Flu Vaccine is Important During this Pandemic?

Vaccine Shot
Top 3 Most effective Vaccine. (Photo: Pexels)

The flu season begins in December, but amid the coronavirus pandemic, attention has already turned to how the NHS will deal with both the flu and the pandemic.The flu vaccine can help you avoid becoming sick with the virus. If you get sick, it can also help to lessen the severity of your illness. It can also help prevent influenza viruses from spreading throughout your community.

Flu Vaccine

These viruses generate seasonal epidemics in many regions of the world during the colder months of the year. Thus, the flu vaccine can help you avoid becoming sick with the virus (Photo by Getty Images).

The efficacy of the flu vaccination varies from year to year, owing to a variety of variables. Its effectiveness is influenced by viral evolution and the prevalent influenza subtype in a particular year, according to a published article in Healthline Media.

In a recently published article in Metro, several people wonder when they’ll be able to get a flu shot and who is eligible for one for free on the NHS, as booster jabs of the Covid vaccine are expected to be offered to over-50s and frontline workers in the coming months.

Are free flu vaccination available?

Bookings for flu shots are now open. However, some GPs and pharmacies are out of stock. The ideal time to receive a flu vaccination, according to the NHS, is in the autumn, before the virus has a chance to develop fully, and pharmacies have already begun accepting reservations.

The government has increased the list of people who will be eligible for a flu shot on the NHS due to the pandemic. Because not all GP clinics will have adequate fridge capacity to handle all of the vaccination doses needed, doctors expect that individuals in high-risk categories will be given priority over those over 50 years old who are fit and healthy.

However, several GP surgeries have already postponed flu vaccination appointments this year due to a supply shortage from one of the NHS’s largest suppliers.

If you aren’t qualified for a flu shot through the NHS, you may still acquire one privately for up to £20 at some pharmacies. Additionally, Lloyds and Boots pharmacies have begun accepting appointments if you are not qualified for a free flu vaccination.

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