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CDC Issues Data Over the Risk of Hospitalization and Death of Delta Variant

The CDC issued new data that displayed how well the COVID-19 vaccines shield people from the delta variant of the coronavirus. (Photo: CDC Facebook Page)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new data that exhibited how much the COVID-19 vaccines provide immunity for people against the Delta variant of the coronavirus in particular.The study evaluated how COVID-19 was transmitted between April 4 and July 17. This was the date when the Delta variant became pervading among 13 US states.


The CDC issued new data that displayed how well the COVID-19 vaccines shield people from the Delta variant of the coronavirus. (Photo: WBNG)

Risk of Hospitalization or Death

The susceptibility to hospitalization or death from COVID-19 is remarkably lower for inoculated people. But the CDC underscores that no vaccine is a hundred percent effective.

States Where Delta Variant Is Prevalent

The Delta variant gained prominence in these states:

Arizona, Alabama, Indiana, Colorado, Louisiana, Los Angeles County (California), Minnesota, Maryland, New York City (New York), New Mexico, Seattle/King County (Washington), North Carolina, and Utah.

Number of Vaccinated People From Those States

  • Not fully vaccinated: 569,142 (92%)
  • Vaccinated people: 46,312 (8%)

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According to the study, in the midst of the particular time frame of April 4–June 19, fully immunized people comprised 5% of total COVID-19 cases,8% of fatalities in general, and 7% of COVID-19 admission to hospitals.

‘Breakthrough Infections’

Such “breakthrough infections” have been recorded in numerous people who have been fully inoculated. A number of inoculated people have passed away after developing COVID-19 and been admitted to the hospital.

According to the CDC, the new study indicates individuals not fully vaccinated had 10 times probability of hospitalization, five times probability of infection, and over 10 times probability of death due to COVID-19.

Previously this week, the public health agency stated there were 12,908 severe COVID-19 breakthrough cases among fully vaccinated individuals. They resulted in death or hospital admission.

According to Shereef Elnahal, MD, president and CEO of University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, “Being fully vaccinated substantially reduces your risk of infection and reduces your risk of hospitalization and death by an even greater degree. In fact, it is one of the most important things you can do, if you’re unvaccinated.”

Elnahal added he started witnessing breakthrough infections for the first time in the course of the last few weeks. Although a number of cases resulted in deaths, the susceptibility remains to be very low for vaccinated individuals.

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