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Man Killed Roommate With Arrow, Broke Into Colorado Prison To Surrender

Suspect Carlos Trejo {Photo: FOX21 News Colorado]
Suspect Carlos Trejo {Photo: FOX21 News Colorado]

Carlos Trejo allegedly shot and killed his roommate with an arrow, then broke into a prison in Colorado to surrender. Authorities believed Trejo was hallucinating during his encounter with the victim, says True Crime Daily.

Suspect Carlos Trejo Killed Roommate With An Arrow {Photo: KKTV]

Suspect Carlos Trejo Killed Roommate With An Arrow {Photo: KKTV]

On December 18 at around 1:23 a.m., a lieutenant from Colorado Springs Police Department discovered a male breaking into the secured back door of the police station. The male reportedly climbed over a gate that was for authorized personnel only. However, when he could not open it, the male activated the fire alarm. When the lieutenant only reset the system because it was usual for the fire alarm to randomly go off, the male then knocked an ice scraper into a window to break it. He was immediately detected and apprehended without causing any ruckus. The male was then identified as Carlos Trejo, 36.

According to the Colorado Springs Police, Trejo confessed that when he woke up, he discovered he had shot his friend “Martin” with an arrow in his chest. Trejo also told the authorities the incident happened at 1330 Kelly Johnson Boulevard on December 16. Trejo was reportedly high on cocaine and acid then. Therefore, the authorities believed Trejo was emotionally distraught and hallucinating under the influence of narcotics during his encounter with Martin.

An Unfortunate Incident

According to True Crime Daily, Colorado Springs Police eventually proceeded to the apartment on Kelly Johnson Boulevard. Upon entering, they discovered a male’s dead body with an archery bow nearby. Authorities confirmed the body to belong to Martin Rodarte, 37, who turned out to be Trejo’s cousin. Rodarte moved into Trejo’s apartment in early December. Authorities are now investigating Rodarte’s death as a homicide. Trejo was then convicted of second-degree murder and is detained in the El Paso County Jail with a $500,000 bond.


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