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San Diego Gas & Electric Customers’ Debts Canceled Under California Arrearage Payment Program

San Diego Gas & Electric [Photo: KPBS]
San Diego Gas & Electric [Photo: KPBS]

The debt of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) customers will be canceled under the California Arrearage Payment Program (CAPP). SDG&E announced a $51.3 million debt that will be canceled.

California Arrearage Payment Program

California Arrearage Payment Program

Around 113,000 customers of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) with unpaid utility bills will have their debts automatically canceled. This includes any unpaid utility bills from March 4, 2020, to December 31, 2021. The debt relief was received under the California Arrearage Payment Program (CAPP). A total of $51.3 million in debt will be canceled as credits will be directly applied to the customers’ accounts.

According to Fuller, SDG&E announced that if an active customer’s debt amounts to $100, they will receive a $100 credit to cancel the debt. All customers who will be credited with more than $10 were notified by SDG&E. The amount of debt that will be canceled will reflect on the next billing statement. In February 2022, CAPP also canceled $62.5 million in debt for over 93,000 eligible customers. This is already the second time CAPP has provided debt cancellations. In total, CAPP has already provided $113.8 million in debt relief to SDG&E customers.

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Increase in Gas Prices

According to Fuller, earlier in January, SDG&E warned its customers that the price of natural gas has increased by $5.11 from $2.36 in 2022. This increase will also increase the utility bills of customers up to $225 from $105 in 2022. Customers with low income who are members of the CARE discount program will have their bills increased to $130 from $60. Nonetheless, SDG&E stated that it does not make a profit from the increasing prices of gas. Instead, it passes the cost to the 3.7 million customers. 

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