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December 29 Gas Prices: Discover Which States Sell The Cheapest Gas Nowadays

Gas Prices
Gas Prices

Read to find out the prices of gasoline yesterday, December 29. Discover also which states are selling the cheapest gasoline nowadays, as reported by MARCA.

Gas Prices On December 29 {Photo: Marca]

Gas Prices On December 29 {Photo: Marca]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on the major global gas supplier Russia, the U.S. economy has been overcome with drastic situations. Even though things are starting to stabilize, U.S. households and workers are still suffering the consequences. 

States with the Cheapest Gas Stations

According to MARCA, the top 10 of the gas stations that sell the cheapest gasoline across the USA are as follows:

  • Valero at 4327 Vance Jackson Road, San Antonio, Texas for $2;
  • Chevron at 9350 North Freeway, Houston, Texas for $2.16;
  • 7-Eleven at 103 S Broadway, Joshua, Dallas, Texas for $2.35;
  • Costco at 7707 94th Ave, Pleasant Prairie, Chicago, Illinois for $2.49;
  • MD’s Market at 523 S Main Street, North Syracuse, New York for $2.58;
  • Chevron at 3160 N Toltec Road, Eloy, Phoenix, Arizona for $2.61;
  • Love’s Travel Stop at 2008 US-206 S, Bordentown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for $2.76;
  • Circle K at 731 N Grand Avenue, Covina, Los Angeles, California for $3.55;
  • Sinclair at 12033 Scripps Summit Drive, San Diego, California for $3.69;
  • ARCO at 1405 Branham Ln, San Jose, California for $3.74

State with the Highest Gas Price

According to MARCA, replacing California on top for a few weeks now is Hawaii where the highest price of gas can be found. The average price of gas in Paradise is around $5.03 per gallon.


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