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Lightning Strikes Areas in California, Firefighters Scrabble To Stop the Fires

Firefighters tried to extinguish fires incited by lightning. (Photo: SFGATE)

California firefighters scrabbled on Friday to put a stop to fires elicited by lightning. This is as thunderstorms with mostly little but pouring amounts of rain resounded throughout Northern California in drought.According to the local unit of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the firefighters were rerouted from the large Caldor Fire in order to combat multiple overnight lightning fires in El Dorado County.


Firefighters tried to extinguish fires incited by lightning. (Photo: NBC News)

Meanwhile, according to authorities, the prevalence of the biggest of such fires has been halted with the aid of rainfall from the storm cell. Another small fire touted to have been ignited by lightning transpired in Mendocino County.

‘Red Flag’ Warning

Thus, lightning storms in California have added impact to the “red flag” warning fire conditions. The National Weather Service (NWS) stated a swift-moving thunderstorm with less rain in areas of Northern California has bolstered the susceptibility of wildfire throughout the region. Red fire warnings are provided when there is an adequate storm of high winds, low humidity, and hot temperatures which display the ideal conditions for new fires to be incited.

According to fire officials, thunderstorms that poured light rain proffered some breathing room to groups grappling to extinguish California’s large wildfires. However, lightning instigated many new blazes in the drought-afflicted north.

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The rainstorms that transpired through Thursday evening into Friday preempted weekend forecasts of clear weather and a warming trend in areas in fire into the succeeding week.

According to the National Weather Service Friday, an estimated 1,100 cloud to ground lightning strikes transpired around California since Thursday night. These involve an estimated 110 in the Bay Area. However, no major fires have been communicated.

Forecasters remarked there were too many cloud-to-cloud flashes. While lightning provoked new fires throughout California, the Dixie fire ravaging north of Sacramento continued its precipitous progress this week. According to officials, it spread by almost 22,000 acres overnight, setting forth to blazing 1 million acres.

Thunderstorms riled large swaths of the state on Thursday. These were simultaneous with lightning strikes igniting many new fires in Northern California. This is as firefighters combated the Dixie fire, which is currently a flaming 950,591 acres and other numerous large flames.

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