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Boston Police Continues To Investigate The Human Remains of 4 Infants Discovered Inside a Freezer

The Boston Police Department continues its investigation into the four infants discovered inside a freezer in an apartment.

4 Infants in Boston

Investigation of Human remains of 4 Infants in Boston still continues. (Photo: Yahoo)

Boston Police Discovered 4 Infants

Officers were called to 383 E. Washington Street on Thursday, Nov. 17, at 2:15 p.m., according to the Boston Police Department. Homicide investigators and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office are looking into the discovery, which was made on Broadway in South Boston and described as what seems to be a human fetus or newborn.

Authorities believed that a fetus or child was purportedly discovered in a freezer, according to a representative for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in a published article in the TRUE CRIME DAILY.

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Boston Police Discovered More Human Remains

Boston Police Officers said that they discovered more human remains in the apartment during the investigation. The office of the Chief Medical Examiner has already removed the human remains from the apartment.

Moreover, a postmortem report revealed that the human remains found were two males and two females. On the other hand, the result of the autopsy to determine the cause of death of four infants is still pending.

Further, the owner of the apartment was not there when the discovery of four infants happened. It was also found that she has not been living in the apartment for years already. There were no arrests made as well in connection to the said discovery.

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