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Save Big on Back-to-School Shopping with Ohio’s Sales Tax Holiday: Discover the Exempt School Supplies

Ohio Tax Holiday
This weekend, clothing and school supplies are exempt from taxes as part of Ohio's back-to-school sales tax holiday. (Photo: WKYC)

As part of Ohio’s back-to-school sales tax holiday, clothing and supplies are exempt from taxes this weekend.

Ohio Tax Holiday

This weekend, clothing and school supplies are exempt from taxes as part of Ohio’s back-to-school sales tax holiday. (Photo:

Ohio’s sales and use tax

Beginning at midnight on August 4 till 11:59 p.m. on August 6, an article of apparel costing $75 or less, a piece of school equipment costing $20 or less, a piece of school supply costing $20 or less are all exempt from Ohio’s sales and use tax.

According to the Ohio Department of Taxation, clothing including shirts, blouses, sweaters, slacks, shorts, skirts, dresses, sports and non-athletic uniforms, shoes, shoes laces, and more qualify under the tax-free holiday.

Binders, notebooks, book bags, calculators, pencils, pens, blackboard chalk, scissors, composition books, loose-leaf notebook paper, crayons, erasers, folders, glue, lunch boxes, and other items are among the supplies used in schools. Reference books, textbooks, workbooks, reference globes, and maps are examples of educational materials used in schools.

Not covered are things like belt buckles, costume masks, protection gear, sports gear, and clothing accessories. The sales tax holiday does not exempt anything used in a trade or business. Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation for further information on the things that are included and the things that are excluded.

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What are qualified items for the exemption?

You can use discounts, coupons, and loyalty cards at specific businesses. The item will be qualified for the exemption if a shop gives a discount that lowers the cost of an eligible item to $20 or less for school supplies or $75 or less for clothes.

The regulations for online orders specify that as long as you order, pay for, and ship the item within the tax holiday, it will be eligible even if it doesn’t arrive for days or even weeks. If every item in the shipment qualifies, you will also avoid paying tax on shipping and handling.

The item is not eligible for the tax-free discount if it is back-ordered and the website or store is unable to accept your order during the sales tax holiday.

During the sales tax holiday, qualifying items put on layaway or retrieved from layaway are likewise exempt from paying sales tax. The overall amount of the purchase is unrestricted. Each item’s qualification is assessed separately.

The first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in August of each year are now permanently exempt from sales tax thanks to Ohio Senate Bill 226, which went into effect in 2019, OHIO NEWS reports.

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